Sponsor FAQ

TriLUG depends on contributions from members and sponsors to pay for food/drink at meetings and other events. You can sponsor TriLUG in one of several ways:

Meeting Sponsor

The cost to be a meeting sponsor is $300. In return, sponsors are given 15 minutes to speak to the group about anything they wish (new product announcements, explanation of services, demonstrations, etc). Meeting sponsors are mentioned in the meeting announcement and on our website. Following the meeting, the sponsor is listed on our site for one year.

Internet access (wired and wireless) is available, as is the use of a projector with HDMI. If you wish to make use of the projector, we ask that you arrive around 30 minutes early (around 18:30) to allow for setup time.

TriLUG meetings are held at The Frontier on the second Thursday of each month from 19:00 to 21:00. Attendance varies from month to month but is typically about 75 people, and our mailing list (where announcements are made) has a little over 600 subscribers.

TriLUG Patron

For those who do not wish to sponsor a particular meeting, general donations are also welcome. Donations over $50 (including goods or services valued over that amount) will be announced on our mailing list and at the following monthly meeting, and posted on the sponsors page of our website for one year. TriLUG will honor any requests for anonymity if requested.

Member Discount

Discounts on goods or services for registered TriLUG members are another way to sponsor TriLUG. Please contact the Steering Committee if you would like to provide such a discount to our members.