July 12 2007 TriLUG Meeting - Ken Coar on Communication in Distributed Open Source Development, Sponsored by Hosted Solutions

The July 2007 meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group (Sponsored by Hosted Solutions) will be held at 7pm, July 12, at Red Hat on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University (directions) . Our speaker will be Ken Coar, Vice President of the Apache Software Foundation on the topic of "Communication in Distributed Open Source Development".

Dealing with people from afar is not a new issue, but the explosive growth of open software involvement has brought some of its aspects into high, and sometimes critical, relief. People are having to learn to perform common tasks in new ways, and frequently their only teachers are themselves.

Ken Coar is a member and Vice President of the Apache Software
Foundation, a director and VP of the Open Software Initiative, and a
Senior Software Engineer with IBM. He has over two decades of
experience with network software and applications, system
administration, system programming, process analysis, technical
support, and computer security. Ken knows more than a dozen
programming languages, but mostly writes in Perl, PHP, and C. He has
worked with the World-Wide Web since 1992, been involved with Apache
since 1996, has been a member of the Association for Computing
Machinery, and is one of the authors of the CGI 1.1 RFC (RFC 3875).
He is the author of 'Apache Server for Dummies' and co-author of
'Apache Server Unleashed' and 'Apache Cookbook'. He somewhat
spastically maintains a Web log, 'The Rodent's Burrow', at
http://Ken.Coar.Org/burrow/ .

Ken currently lives in North Carolina, USA, with a variable number of
cats, several computers, many many books and films, strange chemical
experiments, and has varieties of furry woodland and feathered
creatures frolicking at his (second-story) door. He is deliriously
happily married, and his significantly better half, who has blessed
his existence for more than two decades, is to blame for it. She is
also responsible for most of Ken's successes, and certainly for what
remains of his sanity.