[Linux-ham] Packet back on air

Kevin Otte nivex at nivex.net
Sat Oct 11 20:01:33 EDT 2003

3I have my packet station back up, at long last.  I'm out on 147.54.  Nearest
node is CNCLAN in Cary.  I'm not broadcasting NET/ROM information, but my
node is answering to N8VNR-4.  Feel free to connect and see what a Linux
packet station looks like.  Admittedly, it doesn't do much.  Of some
interest is the CONVers command.  It is an amateur radio only IRC-esque
conference server.

If you'd like access from the Internet side, get in touch with me and I'll
see if we can set something up.	

Kevin Otte, N8VNR
nivex at nivex.net


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 
-- George Santayana

"It seems no one reads Santayana anymore."
-- Cdr. Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5

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