[Linux-ham] Re: [Fwd: [Wakeares-mail] HURRTRAK EM/Pro 2003: Hurricane

Neil Little nllittle at vnet.net
Tue Sep 16 13:03:23 EDT 2003

Tanner Lovelace wrote:

 >> This doesn't look good!  (Pardon the all caps, below.
 >> The weather service doesn't seem to know where their
 >> shift key is.)
 >> Too bad we don't have a ham radio wireless link at
 >> Inflow.  Hmm.. I wonder if that would be possible?
 >> Does trilug have an emergency plan?
 >> Tanner

Well you can bet the first things to go out is cell phone coverage 
begining with the 1.9ghz pcs companies then the 800mhz digital and then 
the analog 800mhz voice. phone service will go out as the phone lines 
come down and the slks run out of batter backup after about 8 hours.

1.9ghz pcs will be first because of they folks have absolutly no backup 
besides about 8 hours of battery. The usability will go down early one 
because of the mass call event caused by the storm. 1.9ghz pcs will also 
go out early also because the network is not as saturated as 800mhz 
(that means they still only hit the main roads and there is not as much 
infill inbetween.

800mhz digital will go next. There is more saturation as far as the 
number of sites go but these sites still only have a 8 hr battery backup 

800mhz analog voice will go last. This portion of the system is part of 
the core when the original sites were built with generator backup before 
the bean counters started saying, "hey just how often do we need these 
things anyway?".

All cell phone will be affected by mass call events (aunt maisy calling 
saying "i'm still ok! dont worry." or "Hey! Why wont you deliver a pizza 
during the storm?")

Internet? the first causalty.


Neil Little, WA4AZL   JARS Forever! Trilug too!
Fuquay Varina, NC

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