[Linux-ham] UPDATE - Hamfest planning and needs

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Thu Apr 1 18:03:20 EST 2004

Here's an update on what folks are bringing/setting up, I think.  This
e-mail is long but contains lots of information.  I've replied to the
various other e-mails that you thought I ignored until now.  :-)

I will bring:

      * Dell workstation with CD burner and 17" TriLUG monitor
      * Dell laptop (slightly broken keyboard so it may not be terribly
      * 25' extension cord and two powerstrips
      * Linksys router with 4-port switch and wireless AP
      * 24-port switch  (belongs to Scott Morris)
      * About 100 blank CDs.  (If we really need more we can purchase
        them from a vendor, prices are usually good.)
      * CD Envelopes  (I have about 150, should be plenty I think)
      * Cash box with some cash to make change with
           * Red Hat Linux 9 boxed set, sealed.
           * Pre-burned CDs from Tanner -- FC1, MDK 10, Knoppix
        * "Wide Open" magazines courtesy of Red Hat

Jason Tower said:
        i'll have my laptop w/ burner and a linux friendly 802.11 card. 
        plus a couple of extension cords, power strips, patch cables, a
        kvm switch, and maybe a 17" LCD.  and of course, plenty of spare
        parts :-)
Jason -- last year you made some signs for CD prices.  Can you do this
again?  How much are we selling the Mandrake 10 CDs for (4 CDs) and the
Wide Open magazines?  (Do the magazines have a newstand price printed on

Aaron said:
        I also know someone involved in the Nextel wireless broadband
        trial, perhaps I can convince him to either come and join us for
        a while, or loan the card to me for the morning.  :)  More on
        that as I have it.

  Did you get a chance to contact the guy with the Nextel card?  That
would be really awesome if we could borrow that for the day.  Would be
worth checking out if it works at the fairgrounds or not, since I know
the trial area is limited.  

Aaron also said:
        If it meets with the approval of the Steering committee, I have
        cleared it through the appropriate channels at Intrex to have a
        few nice large LCDs (probably a 19" BenQ and a 17" NEC) on loan
        for Sunday at the Hamfest.  The only fine print being that we
        attach a small sign to them saying something to the effect of
        "Provided for TriLUG's use by Intrex Computers" with an
        appropriate URL.  Shall I finalize the arrangements and plan to
        bring them on Sunday?

This sounds fine with me.  We may only really need one LCD since Matt
Lavigne is bringing two and there is only a limited amount of space. 
However, he may need to leave.  

Aaron also said:

        Also, will there be a member of the Steering Committee (a
        trustworthy one *wink*) who could collect the monitors after the
        hamfest (I will have to leave at 2:30 at the latest) and arrange
        to meet me sometime later that evening to retrieve them? 
I'd be happy to do this, or possibly Tanner might be able to.

Sean Murphy said:

        I'll bring my main workstation and monitor. It has a cd burner
        but the best graphics program on it is bzflag. I have at least
        one and maybe two spare power strips and if they're needed 2-3
        spare cheep monitors

Sean, I wouldn't bother with the spare monitors, we should have enough. 
Jamie Livingston wrote:
        - At least one laptop (P3-700, Gateway Solo 9300EA2) that can be
        wiped to install whatever is needed.   It's got RH9 on it
        - A LinkSys WPC-11 v4 802.11b NIC
        - An ATEN CS-12 2 Port mini-KVM, if someone else can come up
        with cables for it
        - A few extra Ethernet cables, including 2 25'+ STP
        - I can print B-Cards if someone will send me the art
        - I can also bring a Dell PC with CDRW drive, if it's needed,
        but I don't have a monitor I can bring.

Jamie, I'd say bring the laptop to demonstrate as you wish, and the
wireless NIC with it if we get wireless going.  I wouldn't worry about
the KVM or Dell PC -- we'll probably have enough stuff of that nature. 

Chris Knowles (are you listening?) :-) -- can you please send Jaimie the
"art" for our business cards?  ( jaimie at onebutterfly.com ).

Matt Lavigne is bringing two LCD monitors and will be helping with
setup.  Thanks Matt!

Those of you bringing stuff, please remember to bring extra power strips
and extension cables just in case.

Thank you again!
Looking forward to a great hamfest.

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