[Linux-ham] interesting ..ARRL to Propose New Entry-Level License, Code-Free HF Access

Rob Rousseau KI4BKE KI4BKE at nc.rr.com
Mon Feb 16 17:26:01 EST 2004

      I hope this list isn't too dead.... so here's my latest tidbits.

      I saw this today, may be old news to some of you, but nonetheless...
So much for studying to get my General class.  :-/   I'm not sure when it 
would go into effect though.

"The middle group of licensees--Technician, Tech Plus (Technician
with Element 1 credit) and General--would be merged into a new
General license that also would not require a Morse examination.
Current Technician and Tech Plus license holders automatically would
gain current General class privileges without additional testing.
The current Element 3 General examination would remain in place for
new applicants."

Also, I can't remember if I've posted this before (I did a quick search, 
but didn't see it).
Mandrake Linux for HAMs:
This might be useful for an installfest with a subset for HAMs?  This might 
tie in with Jeremy's post about the ARES or ARPS?
That site seems to give a pretty good rundown of HAM-related software for 

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