[Linux-ham] Re: Hamfest planning and needs

Aaron S. Joyner aaron at joyner.ws
Tue Mar 23 17:07:47 EST 2004

>Also, does anyone have a cell phone with an Internet connection that we
>could use for the better part of the day?

I will be there from 9:30 until noon, and I will have my laptop and 
cellphone available.  It's only 9600 baud, but it's unlimited use 
anytime and I'll be glad to provide bandwidth.  For web-browsing I 
connect back to Intrex's "Speedster" service (compression and caching) 
so it's really not bad at all for general use.  Just don't expect to 
pull down any ISOs that we forgot at the last minute.  :)  I also know 
someone involved in the Nextel wireless broadband trial, perhaps I can 
convince him to either come and join us for a while, or loan the card to 
me for the morning.  :)  More on that as I have it.

Aaron J.

PS - the laptop is a power book running OS X, but we can tuck it quietly 
out of the way.  :)

Jeremy Portzer wrote:

>I know that we still have a couple of weeks to figure this out, but here
>are some thoughts about what we should have for the hamfest:
>I will bring:
>      * Dell workstation with CD burner and 17" TriLUG monitor
>      * Dell laptop (slightly broken keyboard so it may not be terribly
>        convenient)
>      * 25' extension cord and two powerstrips
>      * Linksys router with 4-port switch and wireless AP
>      * 24-port switch  (belongs to Scott Morris)
>      * About 100 blank CDs.  (If we really need more we can purchase
>        them from a vendor, prices are usually good.)
>      * CD Envelopes  (I have about 150, should be plenty I think)
>      * Cash box with some cash to make change with
>      * Red Hat Linux 9 boxed set, sealed.
>We should additionally have these things.  Let me know if you can bring
>or help with:
>      * At least other computer (desktop or laptop) running Linux
>        hopefully with nice graphical applications.  Sean?
>      *  Monitor splitter cable/extra monitor (?) -- perhaps as a way to
>        show one of the monitors to patrons while computer is in use as
>        CD burning station.  (I may be able to use an extra video card
>        for this purpose.)
>      * Extra Ethernet patch cables (I have only one or two)
>      * Extra power strips and extension cables
>      * Extra wireless card for laptops (that work in Linux!), someone
>        always seems to show up with a laptop and no working wireless
>      * Sharpies to write on CDs.  TriLUG "business cards" to put in
>        CDs.  Chris can you make some more of these?
>      * Fedora Magazine or other up to date shrink wrapped Linux stuff
>        we can try to sell, if it's reasonably priced.
>Also, does anyone have a cell phone with an Internet connection that we
>could use for the better part of the day?  Last year at the Cary
>hamfest, Mark Turner had this and it worked out really well,
>unfortunately he could only use it for a while.  I know this is asking a
>lot, but it's a Sunday so it wouldn't use your peak minutes.  I'd be
>happy to lend you my cell phone in exchange for the day.
>With the cell phone Internet connection, we can hook it up to one of the
>computers, run a NAT gateway, and therefore connect the rest of the room
>via the wireless AP.  Don't expect to download a lot, but it works for
>looking up basic stuff.
>Here are some other things:
>Mike Johnson, can you make the hamfest?  If not, can you and I meet
>sometime beforehand so I can get the various things (member forms,
>signs, etc).  Is the really big TriLUG banner still around, or just the
>three smaller laminated signs?
>(I'll be at the CF lunch this Friday March 26.)
>Roy Vestal and/or Matt Lavigne, any chance of borrowing a couple of
>those flatpanels we had at the installfest?  They'd be much nicer than
>the CRTs that Sean M. and I would otherwise bring for our computers.
>What have I forgotten?

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