[Linux-ham] Re: Hamfest planning and needs

Rob Rousseau KI4BKE KI4BKE at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 17:15:38 EST 2004

Hi Jeremy,
    I have a cell phone with something like 3000 free minutes on 
Weekends if we need to use it.  It hits about 14.4k.
I have 2 old monitors I could bring in.   Also 2 old 486 boxes for crash 
test dummies if we need them.
I can bring a few ethernet patch cables also and some power strips.

Jeremy Portzer wrote:

>We should additionally have these things.  Let me know if you can bring
>or help with:
>      * At least other computer (desktop or laptop) running Linux
>        hopefully with nice graphical applications.  Sean?
>      *  Monitor splitter cable/extra monitor (?) -- perhaps as a way to
>        show one of the monitors to patrons while computer is in use as
>        CD burning station.  (I may be able to use an extra video card
>        for this purpose.)
>      * Extra Ethernet patch cables (I have only one or two)
>      * Extra power strips and extension cables
>      * Extra wireless card for laptops (that work in Linux!), someone
>        always seems to show up with a laptop and no working wireless
>      * Sharpies to write on CDs.  TriLUG "business cards" to put in
>        CDs.  Chris can you make some more of these?
>      * Fedora Magazine or other up to date shrink wrapped Linux stuff
>        we can try to sell, if it's reasonably priced.
>Also, does anyone have a cell phone with an Internet connection that we
>could use for the better part of the day?  Last year at the Cary
>hamfest, Mark Turner had this and it worked out really well,
>unfortunately he could only use it for a while.  I know this is asking a
>lot, but it's a Sunday so it wouldn't use your peak minutes.  I'd be
>happy to lend you my cell phone in exchange for the day.
>With the cell phone Internet connection, we can hook it up to one of the
>computers, run a NAT gateway, and therefore connect the rest of the room
>via the wireless AP.  Don't expect to download a lot, but it works for
>looking up basic stuff.
>What have I forgotten?

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