[Linux-ham] Linux prep: file lists, but hams prefer practical & stable

Mark W4CHL 6m6le1002 at sneakemail.com
Sat May 8 23:54:47 EDT 2004


After talking with many hams at RARSfest, and again today with a few kids at PARC and a few OCRA and DFMA members (Justin KD4CPM and Dave WA4NID today) here are some observations about the ham radio community and Linux:

Great to hear all the wonderful things Linux can do for us all, BUT can it:
- be installed painlesxly and coexit easily with Window$ ? 
- help our kids learn more about computing technologies ?
- run my favorit Window$ program ?

So, rather than present Linux in the way that perhaps Trilug members might enjoy and appreciate, I think our challenge is to find a useful Linux distribution (or two or 3) and provide at least:

- directions on how to succesfully setup Linux for useful hamshack or mobile operation
- directions, links, or perhaps a collection of utilities packaged for straightforward installation and use by our local ham radio community

Even better is to bundle some of the utilities that are tested as working. such as:

- Cybiko utilities (still interested in attracting the younger set, and the Cybikos do that !), cyucon, Cybiko SDK
- APRS utilities: such as Xastir (www.xastir.org) and gMFSK (he.fi/pub/ham/unix/linux/)
- general packet programs: 7Plus for Linux
- digital mode communications packages 
- logging software: no TR yet, but there is CLLOG

I have just about given up hope for MixW on Linux or even working well under WINE !

A pretty good list of available Linux software can be seen on www.qsl.net/n0nb/linux/linuxintro.html, www.radio.org/linux or radio.linux.org.au. There are very well done tutorials, such as on:

But having a single CD that can boot without major disturbance to any existing OS partitions (Window$ or OS/X or whatever) is a major plus !  Distribution of such a build with some of these packages included and with some initial validation on this reference distribution will make a HUGE difference to adoption of Linux by the amateur community at large and our fellow club members in particular.

I think there are others interested in same, and I'm copying this to the Trilug mailing list to get some feedback.

Cheers & 73 de Mark W4CHL

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