[Linux-ham] Re: errata from prior post on Linux for local hams, Knoppix as basis for new ham distro ?

Mark W4CHL 6m6le1002 at sneakemail.com
Sun May 9 22:08:50 EDT 2004

Oops,  (posted to parc-mail and 

- gMFSK is not an APRS program, but a program for decoding/encoding PSK/MFSK signals which are almost exclusively on HF

- this posting obviously was to linux-ham at trilug.org as well as to parc-mail at rtpnet.org

There have been some posts on Knoppix and other even more compact distros, including post by local ham Tanner KB4TYE on Jul 17, 2003 at 02:20:26PM -0400 and refs to:

which seems to have gone dormant since April of 2003.  Nice job though, two floppy image version of Debian with utilities for contesting.  May still be worth a look here with Field Day coming up. My FD laptop is still an old "12VDC" floppy boot capable WfW 3.11 laptop with a sub-GB HDD.  It's internal battery went dead, so now may look to move to another newer laptop.

And morphix, which is another Debian fork and includes some ham utilities in about 1/2 CD worth distro:

Morphix has more recent activity, including support for the TenTec Orion (hope for Pegasus too) on the tlf contesting app and for Field Day, see:

Hmmm, FD support, eh ?

One big thing noted in older posts to linux-ham was ability to build sound modem apps on 2.6 kernels. Though Knoppix 3.4 reportedly has 2.6 kernel support, I have not been able to successfully boot into the 2.6 kernel on any of the 3 PCs that boot Knoppix 3.4 with 2.4 kernel OK.  

Perhaps as the 2.6 kernel support matures we could more actively work on a Knoppix fork with soundcard support including perhaps WINE enabled version of MixW ??

Cheers de Mark W4CHL
PARC-W4CHL at sneakemail-dot-com

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