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I know most of you are also on the main TriLUG list, but I wanted to make
sure this got here:

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I have a suggestion which can be of great use to someone who  
purchases a Knoppix disk from us.  I have given several of these  
disks to
hams and have discovered that some PC's just don't have enough  
horsepower to run Knoppix on the machines they presently own.  
Therefore I suggest that someone figure out the minimum processor and  
memory necessary to have Knoppix sucessufully run on their computer,  
and if someone doesn't have enough horsepower we should have one of  
the other distributions which don't require as much power,  there's  
one I'm thinking of whose name begins with the word "damn".  In other  
words we have distributions which can run on obsolete hardware and  
this should be very popular with those in that situation. P.S. There  
is a very interesting article in this month's QST magazine which is  
available at some of the local bookstores which discusses what  
amateur radio operators are doing with WiFi frequencies in the  
Shenandoah Vallev in Virginia which some of you might be interested  
   -- Al Johnson
On Jun 19, 2005, at 9:26 PM, Tanner Lovelace wrote:
>On 6/18/05, Jason S. Evans <theologygeek at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Here's an idea, although I don't know how feasible it is.  What about
>>holding a future installfest at one of the local hamfests or even at
>>the big Shelby, NC hamfest?  That way, we would have a captive
>>audience and a good chance to show what Linux can do for the ham user
>>and the non-ham alike.
>1. Not nearly enough space at the kind of booth we'd have at a  
>2. A 3 hour drive to the Shelby hamfest is way too far away.
>But, selling people Knoppix discs at a hamfest is a good way to
>let people experiment with linux.
>Tanner Lovelace
>clubjuggler at gmail dot com
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