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Norman Young normany27597 at bellsouth.net
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You must have gotten someone who was new.  The ham plate program has been around for years, and DMV staff is intimately familiar with that plate.  I used to be the lawyer for the registration section of DMV, and I was closely involved in all license plate issues.

Of course, almost all of the tag offices are agencies run by private contractors, with varying levels of experience.  If you went to one of the tag agencies, you may have gotten someone who was not completely up to speed on what was available.  There are tons of special plates for just about every special interest group.

And Rob, knowing what it costs to produce the amateur plate, I have mixed feelings about eliminating the additional $10 fee.  If we don't pay the cost, the taxpayers will.  This plate, like any vanity plate, requires a special setup.  The additional fee just about covers the cost.  

BTW, the profits made on the vanity plates (and there is a profit due to the higher fees) are used to fund the roadside beautification and wildflower planting programs.


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I just got a "new" (to me) truck and had to do some digging but found
that NC does indeed have Amateur Radio license plates available. They
aren't well-advertised on the NC DMV web site, and they aren't even well
known by the workers at the DMV office. I learned about it from the
ARRL web site so was able to be persistent at the DMV office. At first
she didn't want to give them to me because they weren't showing up in
the computer but she asked around and found the right place to look and
I got it anyway.

Cost is $10 more than a regular registration and includes your
callsign. Regular personalized tags with a callsign would have been
about $30 over regular price so this was cheaper. They do allow a
suffix if you have more than one car with amateur radio tags.

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