[Linux-ham] Tracker project

Steve, G4GXL steve at g4gxl.com
Mon Jun 5 15:20:01 EDT 2006

I'll kill 2 birds with one stone here as this is my first post to the list :-)

I'm Steve, G4GXL. I live on the east coast of the UK in Norfolk.
Have been a ham for around 31 years and playing with computers for a
little longer.

I forget when I first installed Linux, but it came on a floppy and
booted to the command line. There was no such thing as a GUI - I just
edited a few files in Vi. It was like being at work - but had no
practical use at the time.

Things have changed a lot and I currently have several versions of
Linux running - especially on old Dell laptops that I pick up for
£60-70 on ebay.

I also run APRS, currently with a TM-D700 in the car and a TH-D7 handheld.
I'll be downloading the info on your tracker project later. The
Kenwoods are great rigs but I always prefer a homebrew solution if
possible. BTW - I find that even with 30 - 40 watts in my rural
location APRS is a struggle. Only have 1 digipeater that can just
about hear me on my regular run to work.

See - http://f5vag.eu/find.cgi?call=g4gxl-7
and - http://www.qrparci.org/component/option,com_contact/task,view/contact_id,1/Itemid,3/

I wonder if anyone here has tried the GP2X Linux handheld games console ?
I'd be interested to know if there are any ham apps and in particular
radio interfaces ?

Steve, G4GXL
QRP ARCI Webmaster - www.qrparci.org

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