[Linux-ham] Asterisk as a repeater

Neil L. Little nllittle at vnet.net
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David Cameron, VE7LTD, (http://www.irlp.net/) is guy that originated 
IRLP and  "pieced together" the code himself. Not being a professional 
programmer he said he was aware that the code was not going to be the 
most elegant in the world.

When he put it up the GPL license his email was beseiged daily by folks 
flaming him about why he did something this way or that without 
providing any alternative. Finally in disgust he removed it from the GPL 
license and continued doing it his "own" way.

Thats why the IRLP looks "quite horrible" as it does.

Neil Little, WA4AZL      JARS Forever! .....er TRILUG too!

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Yeah, this is the same guy who setup "Limey Linux" which I've played
around with a bit to see if I could get asterisk running on it.  It really
needs 256MB of RAM, though, and my test system only has 128.

I've actually wondered about putting together a system similar to
IRLP or Echolink using Asterisk connected repeaters.  If you've ever
looked into the details of IRLP, it's quite horrible.  It works well, but
it's a maintanence nightmare! (mostly shell scripts and then some
closed source version of SpeakFreely).  My thought, if I were going
to redesign it, would be to go with something like SIP or better yet
IAX2 and make it open.  Also, combining it with Asterisk would making
doing an Autopatch extremely simple!  :-) 



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