[Linux-ham] Calling for Introductions

Larry Kirkland lkirkland at sc.rr.com
Wed May 24 10:57:10 EDT 2006

I guess it's my time.  I am Larry - W4LK , and live in Columbia, SC 
(EM93mx).  I have been a ham since 1956 and an Extra since 1970.  I am a 
retired Westinghouse Nuclear engineer.  I am into restoring and 
operating old tube-type "boatanchor" ham gear, but like to also use the 
digital modes, operate CW, and chase DX.  I need two more countries to 
have them all.

I have been using Mandrake/Mandriva linux since version 8.2 came out - 
about 5 years ago - and am currently on version "Mandriva 2006".  I have 
completely dumped Windoz and have all the functionality that I once had 
with Windoz.  I recently installed VMWare and am playing with some other 
linux distrubutions, but am having trouble justifing switching to 
another instead of Mandriva.  Change is hard when you get my age (64)! 

It appears that most members of this group are in the NC area.  I don't 
know of any other hams in my area using linux, but I'm trying to convert 

I'd like to see this group into discussions about linux ham 
applications.  There are many good ones out there.  Joop, PG4I, just 
announced a new version of XDX which is super for monitoring the DX 
Clusters.  His XLog program is unbeatable.  I use gMFSK for the digital 
sound card modes and it is really great.

See ya'll around.

Larry W4LK

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