[Linux-ham] QSL cards?

Neil L. Little nllitt12669 at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 20 23:47:45 EST 2007

I would say PhotoShop or PSGIMP to design the card then Kinkos for the 
printing/copying. They can do it on a card stock. Some places even have 
design services or have methods of getting your png/ psd sourced QSL 
cards into print.

Printing QSL cards are nolonger something thats real expensive anymore

JARS Forever!!
> Hi Folks,
>   I was thinking about printing up a small batch of QSL cards.  I was 
> wondering if anyone had some suggestions for either some online or local 
> places? 
> So far it appears that most QSL cards are 5.5" x 3.5".  But some places 
> (like http://www.vistaprint.com/) only do postcard sizes.
> I've also seen http://www.star-cards.net/ and http://www.qslman.com/, 
> but their prices are a bit high for a small batch that I want to do (~100).
> http://www.trilug.org/%7Erarousse/KI4BKE-QSL.jpg
> Thanks,
> -Rob, KI4BKE

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