[Linux-ham] Advice for a new ham

Daniel Bartholomew plumcreek at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 11:28:02 EDT 2008

Hey everyone. I just received my Technician license in the mail last week, so I'm _very_ new to amateur radio. In fact, I don't even have a radio yet. I'm hoping to get one soon, maybe at RARSfest this Saturday and I had a few questions:

What would be a good first HT radio? I would like something Linux friendly, and not too hard to learn to program and use. I would also like it to be capable enough that I won't want to replace it in a year.

Also, what logging or other Linux software would you recommend? I've seen xlog, but I would like to know what more experienced Linux Hams use and would recommend.

Any other advice or equipment recommendations you may have for a new Ham with (currently) no equipment is welcome. After all, since I'm starting from scratch, I might as well start on the right foot. :-)

Thanks in advance.

Daniel Bartholomew - KJ4DAJ

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