[Linux-ham] D-Star comment

Neil L. Little nllittle at embarqmail.com
Wed Aug 6 21:31:01 EDT 2008

I believe that FCC also has this thing about software defined radios and 
open source. They are afraid that some one is going to do a hack on a 
vulnerability and do all manner of mischief with guvmit digital radios. 
Right now they are are saying no-no-no-no-no!

Neil, WA4AZL
JARS Forever!!

Steve Jackson wrote:
> If the company in Massachusetts that sells the vocoder chip (I forget their
> name) were to sell their chip in unit (or small) quantities, I could
> trivially make a small PCB to connect the vocoder to just about any
> processor that had enough oomph to address the application plus the
> vocoder's input and output.  That way, implementing a non-Icom D-Star node
> would be significantly easier since the network control plane is well
> documented.  
> Here at work, we have LOTS of small MSP430 MCUs and these could easily
> handle the tasks.
> Admittedly I am a hardware guy so all of my solutions are hardware-based,
> but as I see it, this is really a simple problem to solve.  Provided I can
> get the chips on a non-OEM basis, that is.
> What would a good price for such a board be?  Would experimenters buy such a
> board at, say, $50?  $75?
> Perhaps I am missing something and it isn't as easy as it looks to me.  I am
> sure I will be corrected if it's so.  But if it is that simple, and if I
> knew there was a demand, I'd seriously consider making this board available.
> Steve KZ1X/4
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