[Linux-ham] Linux-ham Digest, Vol 31, Issue 5

Scott G. Hall ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net
Sun Feb 24 22:18:09 EST 2008

Steve Jackson <sjackson at radarfind.com> wrote:

> I sit at a soldering station part of every day, and have for years.  
> My all-time favorite stuff is:
> Solder:  Mouser # 533-24-7150-8800  {Kester *Sn62/Pb36/Ag2, .031" dia}*
> Flux:  Kester 2331-ZX (pen dispenser)
> Steve KZ1X/4
Far too thick for serious surface-mount work.  And the silver in the 
alloy also makes for a higher temperature requirement and a protective 
overspray to prevent oxidation over time.

Scott G. Hall
Raleigh, NC, USA
ScottGHall at BellSouth.Net

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