[Linux-ham] special, simple Knoppix CD needed, anybody able to assist?

Steve Jackson sjackson at radarfind.com
Sun Jan 6 22:37:44 EST 2008



First, the background .


As it happens, a 'legacy' DOS application called TR Log is the best program
available for contesters who wish to run Sprints.




A Sprint is a specialty type of radio contest.  


For the sake of brevity, in a Sprint, one calls CQ and makes the exchange,
much as in any other contest QSO format.  


However, the person responding to the CQ then gets the frequency, and it's
up to THEM to call CQ and make the next contact on that frequency.  


In this way, everyone is like a bittorrent node, to use the Internet
analogy.  And, a Sprint is a fast contest; hence the name.  They
purposefully last only a few hours.  It's also among the most challenging of
contest types.  Your station AND skills are put to the test, and it's very
democratic.  Big guns don't dominate.  Only speed and skill do.




Once you're done on a frequency, you *must* QSY by at least an amount as
dictated by the specific contest rules, and if you try to solicit a contact
by any means, you may only make one QSO from that solicitation, on that
frequency.  Then, you gotta go someplace else and start again.  Just like
everybody else.


Here's the website for TR Log:


http://www.trlog.com <http://www.trlog.com/> 


[There is a free version downloadable, which has the advantage of also
having a pre-made Field Day setup on it, so, the effort I am describing here
has multiple purposes and a WIDE user audience.]



Oaky-dokey, enough with the background.  Here's why I'm posting this:


Many contesters that run Sprints will want to *not* use their (or their
hosts') normal computer and logger setup for a Sprint.  They want to run TR
Log, and TR Log is a licensed pay-for program, which doesn't run on an XP
box.  See http://www.trlog.com/requirements.shtml .


Most contesters who run Sprints already own a registered copy of TR Log.


If a contester had a Knoppix type bootable CD (or flash drive), which had
dosemu on it (for example), they could simply boot to the CD-ROM, and TR Log
(on another media containing the licensed copy of TR Log and support files,
also brought along for the purpose) could then be run in a DOS shell.  


The Knoppix type OS would handle the PC resources cleanly, allowing TR Log
to write the log file to either (selectable) a floppy disk or to a USB flash
drive, and would also handle the use of LPT and/or COM ports for outputs of
the TR program's internal Morse keyer.


No other applications under the Knoppix OS would be needed.  This CD-ROM
needs to be a truly no-brainer type boot disk.


The Knoppix purposefully can not be able to write to the host PC hard drive,
preventing any worries for a guest operator.


Once the contester leaves, the CD-ROM and log file media goes with him/her,
and all is 100% as it was.


More details .


I tried to do this myself, and now I have a pile of unusable DVDs and
CD-ROMs for my effort.  I have more ISO files than I can tell what to do
with.  I can't even type Azureous.  I clearly have NO idea what I am doing
with computers, as usual.  I can build a radio out of a coconut and two
pieces of dissimilar wire, but show me a keyboard and I can destroy ANY
piece of code anyone's ever written.




Does any one here understand what it is I'm trying to explain?  

Does it make any sense?  

And, if so, can anyone assist me in creating this bootable CD-ROM?




Steve KZ1X/4

sjackson ^>^radarfind 'dot' com



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