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David Black dave at jamsoft.com
Sun Jul 13 19:24:46 EDT 2008

Hi Greg, and congrats on earning your tech ticket!

FWIW, most HTs do accept external antenna connections and output 5W+
when on a 12VDC supply.  *With a good mobile antenna setup*, that's
plenty to get in to most local repeaters.

Yaesu makes the FT-817, a low power HF+6m portable/mobile rig but for
some reason I thought it - or maybe it's a cousin, also did 2m/70cm.
Maybe not.

While you may not want to tote around a mobile rig, they do have a nice
car installation capability and usually 50W/35W+ on 2m/70cm
respectively.  The higher power settings can be handy for "metro"
simplex work or if you're trying to hit a far-away repeater.

Among HTs, having owned at least two each of Kenwood, Alinco and Yaesu,
I've had the best experience with Yaesu, in terms of reliability.  No
idea about ICOM or Standard though - they may be wonderful.


Greg Brown wrote:
> So I'm going to need a radio.  I've been convinced I need something that
> isn't an hand-held so that I can use external antennas.  I'd like to get
> one radio use it at home, disconnect the antennas, slap it in the car,
> use it there then do the reverse when I get home.  I presume people do
> this with mobile radios.  I need suggestions of radio types and models
> so that I can start to plan, budget, etc, etc.
> So let me know what you like and what you think would work well for a
> beginner. 
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