[Linux-ham] need equipment suggestions

Greg Brown gwbrown1 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 19:00:57 EDT 2009

Life with only a 2 meter/70 cm/5 meter radio is getting a little tiresome.
I'm looking to upgrade my equipment and get a proper station on the air.  I
have about $1500.00-$2000 max, and the less I spend the better.

Here's what I'd like:

If I'm going to go with a vehicle setup I'd like to have, at the very least,
a dual band 2m/70cm radio capable of cross-band repeating.  NOAA weather
would be nice as well.


If I'm going with a home station I'd like a 2m/70cm cross-band repeating
setup.  I am able to install an antenna on the house but nothing
"spectacular"- the neighbors might get bitchy if I try to put up a massive
tower in the back yard.


Two radios at home, one for 2m one for 70cm (but this sounds repetitive).
And with this setup I can't cross-band repeat so... well, it's just not
idea.  I like to be mobile while I'm on the radio.  But at the right price I
could go that route.


Some kind of software radio interface with a hardware back-end.  It has to
work with OS X and from my searches on the Internet such a beast does not
appear to exist.  For shame.  If it did I could potentially connect via
software over the Internet to my home station.  That would be pretty cool
when traveling.

Anyway, like I said, just looking for ideas.

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