[Linux-ham] FreeDV

Kevin Otte nivex at nivex.net
Tue Jan 22 11:21:58 EST 2013

My USB sound card should be here in a few days. Perhaps we can try some 
10 meters locally?

-- Kevin N8VNR/4

On 12/28/2012 11:37 AM, David Black wrote:
> Neat, thanks Kevin!
> Just checked out the latest SVN and am going to see about building on my Kubuntu 12.04 rig computer.
> On the waterfall 14.236 looks pretty quiet.  Anyone interested in trying a FreeDV QSO?
> Dave
> AD6Q/4
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>> Completely free HF digital voice in 1.1KHz of bandwidth:
>> http://freedv.org/
>> If you attempt to build this thing, you'll see that the automated
>> scripts go and get a bunch of libraries on its own. I freaked out a bit,
>> and fought for about 2 hours trying to get it to use the system
>> libraries on Ubuntu 12.04. Sadly, FreeDV does need something from the
>> newer versions of each of those libraries. There is an effort underway
>> to make it run on wxWidgets 2.8 [1], which is good since that's the part
>> that takes the longest to build.
>> Sadly I haven't been able to actually test the functionality since in
>> addition to the software fun I wrote about above, the add-in soundcard I
>> was hoping to use (an old SB Live! acquired from a hamfest) turned out
>> to be toast. I have it hooked up to my HF rig for receive only for now,
>> but I don't have an external HF antenna at the new house yet, so on to
>> the next step.
>> Perhaps some of you can make more progress and report back to the group.
>> 73 de Kevin, N8VNR
>> [1] http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=30216313
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