[Trilug-announce] Surplus Sale - Thursday, July 31, 2003, 7pm

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Good morning folks,

Mark your calendar for the most exciting TriLUG event this week -- The
First Annual TriLUG Surplus Sale (TFATSS)[1] !

This Thursday, July 31, 2003 at 7pm we will be selling a good quantity
of used equipment to benefit TriLUG and United Way's Teaming for
Technology program
(http://www.unitedwaytriangle.org/new_site/phase2/index.asp?pg=3D107 ).=20
Teaming for Technology obtained this equipment from corporate donors,
and volunteers from TriLUG have inventoried it and done some basic
testing[2].  Now, we'll make it available to TriLUG members and the
community.  All proceeds will benefit both Teaming for Technology and
TriLUG.  The sale will be held at Global Knowledge in Apex; see the
bottom of this message for directions.

The equipment consists of several types of gear, including
        * Two Hewlett-Packard K-Class servers
        * Two HP Visualize workstations, and various HP 7xx boxes.
        * Sun Ultra 1, Ultra 2, and Sparcstation 20; Tatung Ultra 1
        * Sun rack/mass storage unit with many many hard drives
        * Sun accessories -- keyboards, tape drives, external drives, 	=20
mechanical mice
        * Four IBM RISC System6000/250 machines
        * DEC AlphaStation 600, model 5/266
        * APC Matrix UPSes and large quantity of batteries
        * Several other APC UPSes
        * Several Toshiba laptops
        * Cabletron MMAC Plus switch (over 50 10/100 ports)
        * 19" Stell rack frame=20
        * Various other accessories and equipment

We will have a complete list available soon including model numbers and
more detailed specs.  We have tested most of the equipment to be sure
it's not DOA, but not everything could be tested, and everything will be
sold AS-IS, no warranties, express or implied.  Also note that some of
the equipment requires 220V power (dryer style plug), or high-amperage
120 V power.

The sale will be conducted as a lottery.  Please arrive promptly at 7pm
to receive a number.  Each item will have a suggested donation amount
attached; these figures will be low and negotiable.  Drinks & cookies
will be served.

The lottery will begin at 7:30.  If you haven't received a number by
7:30, you will not be eligible for the lottery and will have to wait
until after the lottery for anything that is left.

TriLUG members will receive precedence, and those that assited with
transporting, testing, and inventorying equipment will have first pick.
Non-members are welcome only after all TriLUG members have taken their

Please plan to attend and pick up some great hardware, much of which can
run Linux![3]  And best of all, it benefits the Teaming for Technology
and TriLUG. Remember, there's a lot of stuff here.  Enough for everyone!

Thanks, and see you there!

TriLUG Steering Committee
Mike Johnson, Chair
Jeremy Portzer, Treasurer

[1]  There are no predictions that there will be any further sales; it
just sounds cool to make it First Annual :-)

[2]  Additionally, several laptops were donated by DynPro, Inc.

[3]  Extra special bonus to those who get Linux running on the UPSes and
switch. *grin*

Directions to the sale in Apex, at Global Knowledge:

  * Get to US 1 South (from Durham or Chapel Hill take I-40 to exit
    293); from Raleigh simply take the beltine to US 1 South
  * Exit at the Ten-Ten rd exit and take a right onto Ten-Ten.
  * Take a right onto Reliance, the second right (it's just a short
    distance, across from a gas station)
  * Turn right onto Classic Dr, the first street on the right.=20
  * Global Knowledge is at 1081 Classic, adjacent to a warehouse marked
    "Model Home Interiors"
  * The sale will be at the loading dock around back -- do not use the
    front entrance.
  * http://maps.yahoo.com appears to be correct for 1081 Classic Rd,
    Apex NC 27539


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