[Trilug-announce] Steering Committee Elections at May 13 meeting -- Nominations Due May 3

TriLUG Steering Committee steering at trilug.org
Tue Apr 20 12:36:58 EDT 2004

TriLUG members,

We will hold elections at the next meeting, on Thursday May 13.  Please
nominate any candidates for the Steering Committee that you feel are
worthy of our wonderful group!

To submit a nomination, please check with the person who you wish to
nominate first, and then post to either trilug at trilug.org, or to
steering at trilug.org.  Be sure nominations are mailed by Monday, May 3rd.


Here are some details on the election process:

The Steering Committee consists of 5 TriLUG members elected to serve for
one year. Elections are held yearly at our May meeting.  Current SC
members may run for re-election if desired (there are no "term limits").

There are no "fixed" positions in the Steering Committee - although a
member can certainly run for the SC on a platform that is specific to
one position (say Treasurer).  Once a new Steering Committee is elected,
various duties are assigned to each individual by internal vote of the

Nominations for the 2004 Steering Committee will be closed at 6:59 PM,
Monday May 3rd.  (The Articles of Incorporation require that nominations
be made 10 days before the meeting.)  A person can nominate themselves.

At the May 13 meeting, each candidate will have a few minutes to
introduce themselves and explain why they want to be on the Steering

Once every candidate has had their say:
  - The names of each candidate will be written on the front display
  - Ballots and pens will be passed out to all attending TriLUG members
  - Members will cast votes for 5 candidates on their ballots.
  - Ballots will be collected and counted
  - The 5 top candidates (receiving the most votes) will be announced at
the end of the meeting.  These members will be the newly elected
Steering Committee.

New Steering Committee members should meet with the outgoing members
after the meeting.  There is also a traditional transitional lunch that
takes place during the week following the elections.
  - Each member may vote for 5 candidates or less.
  - Any ballot containing more than 5 votes will not be counted.
  - Any illegible ballots will not be counted (good penmanship counts!).
  - You *must* be a registered member of TriLUG to vote.
after the voting has occurred).

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please email the Steering
Committee (steering at trilug.org).

Thank you, and we're looking forward to the elections.

TriLUG Steering Committee

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