[Trilug-announce] And now from the get rid of Ma and Pa Bell for good department: how to set up your own Asterix server

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Sat Jun 5 23:00:38 EDT 2004

The class will be held June 12, 2004 from 9 AM to 12 PM at Global
Knowledge in Cary (directions below).

Title: Teach Linux to answer the phone! Learn how to use Asterisk!

Turn your Linux box into a high-powered phone system! Learn all about
the Asterisk PBX software and how you can use it to answer your phone,
run scripts, and even make cheap long-distance calls over the Internet!
Mark Turner from Siteseers will be teaching this introduction and basic
programming class.

Address: 11000 Regency Parkway Suite 107, Cary

Directions:  When you get to Global Knowledge, please enter in the West
Doors[1].  Doors may only be unlocked from 8-10AM so be punctual.

Regency Parkway forks about 1/2 mile down - keep right and continue on
Regency Parkway (the left fork is Ederlee Dr.). Approximately 1/2 mile
after the fork is 11000 Regency Parkway. Turn left into the parking lot
area in front of 11000. There are two parking lots. Park in the parking
lot to the right. Once in the building, the Global Knowledge Training
Center is in Suite 107, which is on the right side of the main atrium.

 >From US 64 (e.g. Pittsboro, Apex)

Take US64 East.  You will go under NC 55 and through several stop
lights. Continue on US 64 under the Route 1 overpass, and the road
becomes Tryon Rd. At the first light after going under Route 1, bear
right onto Regency Parkway. See above.

 >From US 1 South (e.g. Apex, Holly Springs)

Take Exit #98A for Tryon Road EAST. At your first light bear right onto
Regency Parkway. See above.

 >From South Raleigh/Garner

Either take I-40 West, following the first directions, or take  Tryon
Road west.  Pass Kildaire Farm Rd, and take a left onto Regency Parkway
at the second light, immediately before the US1/64 interchange.  See

[1] Remember: the Sun rises in the East, sets in the West, so if you're
trying doors and you can see your shadow you're either on the wrong side
of the building (try the west side), very late (go home it's over
already), standing in the rain (you're on your own), or a
doppleganger[*] or some other creature that can't see its shadow.

[*] http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.com/Doppelganger (Thanks Nivex)
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