[Trilug-announce] Location change for January meeting

Jason Tower jason at cerient.net
Wed Dec 15 17:14:20 EST 2004

The January 13th meeting of TriLUG will not be held at the usual 
location (Dreyfus lab on RTI's campus).  Instead, we'll be using the 
large meeting room in Red Hat's main building on Centennial Campus.

The main reason for this change is to gain additional seating capacity.  
As many of you know, seating can be scarce in Dreyfus, and the room is 
all too often standing room only.  The Red Hat location should be able 
to seat 120 people comfortably, as opposed to 70 or so at 

Please note that this is only a "test" meeting, no final decisions have 
been made regarding TriLUG's long-term meeting location.  However, we 
would like as much feedback from our members as possible, so we 
encourage everyone to attend.  Following the meeting we will most 
likely have a poll on our web page where people can vote and provide 

Also, this does not mean that TriLUG is (or is becoming) at "Red Hat" 
user's group.  TriLUG has always been a distro-agnostic Linux User's 
Group and our meeting location, whether it changes or not, will in no 
way affect that focus.

Once again, we look forward to seeing everyone on January 13th, Greg 
Brown will be discussing the m0n0wall distribution, and how to run it on 
minimalist flash-based x86 hardware.  I will also present a quick 
summary of TriLUG's financial status.  As usual we'll have pizza and 
soda, and wireless internet access will be available as well.  Happy 
Holidays, see you in 2005!

Jason Tower
TriLUG Steering Committee Treasurer

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