[Trilug-announce] Next TriLUG meeting Thursday Feb 10, 2005: Open-source sandboxes

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Tue Feb 8 21:07:31 EST 2005

Bring your GI-Joes, Tonka Front-Loaders and of course your beach shovel
and pail: on Thursday starting at 7:00, Mark Turner will present
Open Source alternatives to VMWare such as qemu and CoLinux.  This
meeting will be held at Red Hat World Headquarters Auditorium.  This
room is off the first floor break room just to the left of the main
lobby.  The parking deck will be open for all meeting attendees.  Maps
and directions are available at

For the uninitiated, TriLUG meets the second Thursday
of every month from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Pizza and drinks are always
served, and free to all attendees.  However a donation is strongly
encouraged.  We have had a dearth of sponsors recently and rely on the
generosity of our members in order to provide this service.


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