[Trilug-announce] Round Table Linux Discussion - May 12, 2005

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Fri May 6 11:04:28 EDT 2005

The May meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group will present a round
table discussion about the major Linux distributions available to the
hobbyist and professional Linux user today. This event will be held at
Red Hat headquarters on May 12, 2005 starting at 7:00. Directions and
maps available at http://www.trilug.org.

Below are the head presenters and which distribution they will
Debian: John Davis
Gentoo: Ed Anderson
Mandrake: Jon Carnes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Fedora Core: No presenter yet. If anyone would
like to present (Red Hatters speak up) please contact the Steering
Committee (SC).
Slackware: Joel Ebel
SuSE: No presenter yet. Same applies to you.

So, if you're fed up with your current distribution, looking to try
Linux for the first time or just want to know what all the fuss is
about, come spend the evening with us, and invite your friends,
relatives and Windows system administrators as well. Each presenter
will have a few minutes to list the advantages to their distribution. A
question and answer period will follow at the end of the presentations.

Eaton, makers of the Powerware series of UPS equipment, will be giving 
away a brand new UPS to one lucky attendee.  Eaton is also graciously 
providing pizza and drinks for this meeting.  You can visit Eaton's web 
site at http://www.eaton.com.  You must be present at the time of the 
drawing to win.

Admission to this event is, as are all TriLUG functions, free and open 
to the public.  Membership in TriLUG is also free and can be obtained by 
filling out a membership form at the meeting.

Also during this meeting TriLUG will hold its annual Steering Committee
elections. It is very important that TriLUG members attend to elect the
governing body for the coming year. All Steering Committee positions
are up for grabs, and the following is a complete list of candidates in
alphabetical order by last name.

Joel Ebel
Jason Faulkner
Aaron Joyner
Kevin Otte
Matt Pusateri
Joseph Tate
Jason Tower

Candidates run for the Steering Committee at large. Thereafter those
elected will determine their own fates^Wpositions on the Steering 
Committee. If there are any mistakes in this candidate list, please let 
me know immediately. Only current members may vote in the election. New 
members signing up at the meeting may vote in future elections.

Joseph Tate
Human-TriLUG Relations

* If no one steps forward to present Red Hat's products or SuSE, they
will be dropped. We felt it unnecessary to present the litany of Debian
based Live CD distributions beyond what the Debian presenter may say
about them, however if you feel slighted because your distributions was
not listed, send a note to the steering list volunteering to present
your favorite. You may be allotted a few moments to present your case
at the end if time allows.

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