[Trilug-announce] June Events

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Tue Jun 7 12:43:10 EDT 2005

The June meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group will be held June 9,
2005 at Red Hat Headquarters in centennial campus.  Directions can be
found off the web page at http://www.trilug.org/.

Matt Wilson, a long time Linux developer will present Conary, a next
generation packaging and system deployment technology.  Conary is a
replacement for debs, rpms and tarballs, and their respective networked
managing systems.  It is source based rather than binary based, and
provides for better control over system maintenance, especially local
changes (config files, locally patched kernels, etc).

Also in June we would like to hold two additional events, however they 
will have to be put on hold unless we can line up a venue immediately. 
If ANYONE knows of some space that could be of use to us and can hold 
20-30 people, please let me know.  Ask your boss, spouse, apartment 
complex, school, favorite government agency, etc and send leads to 
steering at trilug.org.

Samba 101, an introduction to Samba, will be taught by Ben Pitzer on
Saturday June 11 from 9:00 to noon.  He will cover basic file and
printer sharing configuration as well as user configuration.  Advanced
topics will be the subject of July's mini-course.

In addition to the normal-style InstallFest, which will be held Saturday
June 18 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, there will be a parallel Advanced
troubleshooting workshop.  We ask that you please register for the event
via http://www.trilug.org/installfest.html in advance
so that we can be sure to have the proper expertise on hand to help with
your situation.  If you plan to attend the troubleshooting section, 
please briefly describe your issue in the "Anything else we might need 
to know?" section.


Joseph Tate

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