Andy acoliver at buni.org
Wed Aug 15 03:14:56 EDT 2007

Okay guys,

I'm writing this from Kuopio, Finland (and won't be able to make it)... 
so please have some understanding on why I got my timezones so mixed up. 
  I actually thought it had already past...but doh!  Also note that we 
don't have a sponsor(that I know of) for this meeting:

The first <a href="http://trilug.org">TriLUG</a> monthly Chapel Hill 
meeting will take place at 18:00 until 20:00 on Wednesday, August 15, 
2007 in room 208 at <a 
href="http://sils.unc.edu/about/visit.html">Manning Hall on UNC 
Campus</a>.  The talk is on Linux video editing, given by Joey Carr.

The talk will introduce the capabilities of several of the most basic 
tools in linux video production (kino/dvgrab, cinelerra, ffmpeg, and 
mencoder).  Other tools and multimedia-focused linux distributions will 
be discussed.  A basic production workflow will be demonstrated for 
video capture via IEEE 1394 (i.e. Firewire), and editing in Kino. 
Finally, options for DVD authoring will be covered in brief.

Joey previously worked as a Java developer and later as a business 
analyst for a medical informatics application service provider.  He 
recently returned to UNC to study film and video production in the 
department of Communication Studies.  He is currently working for
<a href="http://ibiblio.org">iBiblio</a> on their video speaker and 
other projects.


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