[Trilug-announce] May 8 Meeting - Fedora 9 and Steering Committee Elections

Matt Frye mattfrye at gmail.com
Wed May 7 10:41:56 EDT 2008

The May 2008 meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group will be held
tomorrow, Thursday, May 8 at 7pm at Red Hat.  Directions available at

The topic of this meeting will be Fedora 9.  Max Spevack and others
will be present to speak about Fedora advancements, etc.

We'll also be holding our yearly Steering Committee Elections.  The
candidates for the election are:

Matt Frye (re-election)
Cristobal Palmer (re-election)
Alan Porter (re-election)
Stan Briggs (re-election)
John Berninger
Ian Kilgore

As always, everyone is welcome and non-members can pick up a
membership application at the meeting.

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