[Trilug-announce] elections - what to expect

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Tue Apr 7 21:29:56 EDT 2009

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It's election time -- not just in Minnesota, but also in TriLUG.
Every May, we have our Steering Committee elections.  And in April,
we prepare by nominating candidates.

   April meeting, 4/9
      floor nominations

   4/9 - 5/14
      nominations and campaigns via email

   May meeting, 5/14
      last-minute floor nominations
      candidates speak
      announcement of the new SC

Nominations will start at the April meeting (this week, 4/9).
We'll have a chance for folks to stand up and nominate themselves
or someone else.  We'll continue the political fracas via the
email list and IRC for the entire month.  And then we'll take
final nominations from the floor at the May 14th meeting.

During the May meeting, we will give each candidate a couple of
minutes to stand up and introduce themselves and to give their
thoughts on what they stand for, what they'd like to see done,
and how much cash they're willing to pay us for our votes.  After
all of the candidates have spoken, we'll pass out ballots and let
the ballot stuffing begin.

Only currently-registered LUG members may vote (if you fill out
an application at the April meeting, you're OK).  Votes will be
counted during the May meeting, and the five new SC members will
be announced at the end of the meeting.

Note -- we don't elect individuals into particular roles.  We
simply elect five individuals, and then they decide amongst
themselves how to divide up the responsibilities (think: rock,
scissors, paper).

The five roles are defined in the articles of incorporation:
Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Webmaster and Public Relations
Officer.  But, to be honest, we do shift the responsibilities
around, depending on who can contribute what at the time.

So what does it mean to be a SC member?  We are the individuals
who are accountable for the day to day operations of the LUG.
We gladly delegate some tasks to volunteers.  But the SC makes
sure that this stuff gets done:

 - Arrange for a meeting space.
 - Arrange programs/speakers in advance.
 - Inform the members and the public about upcoming events.
 - Prepare the room before the meetings: chairs, projector, VOIP.
 - Order and pick up pizza and drinks.
 - Identify sponsors, collect donations.
 - Run the actual meetings.
 - Clean up the room after the meetings.
 - Membership administrivia, cards, records.
 - Maintain the LUG server equipment.
 - Maintain services like shell accounts, email, IRC, bzflag, etc.
 - Evaluate new services suggested by members.
 - Fill out our tax forms and other official documents.

If you appreciate the LUG, and you would like to contribute in a
meaningful way, then nominate yourself.  Or if you have enemies,
nominate them.

See you all on Thursday.  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!



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