[TriLUG-announce] November 11 meeting: Software for Musicians

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 22:06:49 EDT 2010

Title: Open Source Software for Musicians
Time & Place: November 11, 2010, 7pm, at Red Hat HQ
Presenter: Adam Drew
Link: http://trilug.org/2010-11-11/software-for-musicians

Have you ever wanted to use your computer to record or play music?

In the old days, it took a studio full of equipment to produce and 
record music. But now, the required tools are much more affordable, and 
can easily fit into a home studio. There is a wide selection of very 
robust audio applications that run on standard PC hardware, and many of 
them are FREE ("free" as in "beer" -- but also as in "freedom").

Adam Drew has been playing and recording music on and with computers for 
15 years. He was introduced to free and open source software when he 
went to work at Red Hat, where he does filesystem and cluster support.

Adam will show how anyone can use Linux-based software to produce 
studio-quality music. We'll look at what tools are available, how they 
work together, and we'll see and hear them in action. We'll also learn a 
bit about what community resources are available for learning more about 
the tools and technology so that you can get plugged in and start making 
music at home and get your questions answered when they come up.

Come join us for a lively toe-tapping demonstration!

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