[TriLUG-announce] 12/9 meeting - *not* at Red Hat

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Tue Nov 30 15:07:58 EST 2010

A few notes about the December TriLUG meeting.

(1) It is *not* at Red Hat.  It will be at SPLAT SPACE in
Durham.  http://splatspace.org/location/  7:00 like always.

(2) We will have a few stations set up, each one will demo
some sort of Linux-based appliance, like Asterisk, BackupPC,
ClarkConnect, MythTV.

(3) We need volunteers to demo stuff.  Right now, I am the
only sucker on the sign-up sheet, so all of you get to marvel
at BackupPC for an hour and a half.

Sign up here -> http://trilug.org/wiki/Meeting:2010_December_9

(4) Personally, I want to learn more about Asterisk and MythTV,
so if you know anything about either one of these, sign up to
present on it.  I am sure that Santa will bring you a nice gift
for being extra good.

(5) If you have an idea that only fits in tangentially to
the whole "appliance" concept, go ahead and pitch the idea.



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