[TriLUG-announce] March 10 meeting: High Availability, Low Dollar Load Balancing

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 15:37:28 EST 2011

Title: High Availability, Low Dollar Load Balancing

Synposis: True high availability load balancing traditionally involves 
specialized, expensive hardware and software. However, you can build 
advanced, high availability configurations without a single point of 
failure using nothing but open source tools and commodity hardware. This 
talk will include a discussion of several tools, configurations, and 
advantages and disadvantages thereof. All tools involved are 100% free 
and open source. As a bonus topic, Simon will tell you how to use open 
source load balancing tools to IPv6-enable your IPv4-only infrastructure 
with minimal risk, time and hassle.

About the Speaker: Simon Karpen is the system architect / wearer of many 
hats for VoiceThread, which provides a very powerful rich media 
asynchronous collaboration platform. He has also worked for the Shodor 
Education Foundation in the past, and is a current NCSU MBA student 
(class of May, 2011). Simon is a member of the NC*SA Steering Committee.

When: 7PM, Thursday March 10, 2011
Where: Red Hat Worldwide Headquarters 
Permalink: http://trilug.org/2011-03-10/LoadBalancing

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