[TriLUG-announce] July 14 meeting: AirPrint and mDNS

Justis Peters justis.peters at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 12:05:10 EDT 2011

Topic: LDAP and Identity Management

Presenter: Jym Williams-Zavada
When: 7PM, Thursday July 14, 2011
Where: Red Hat Worldwide Headquarters 
Permalink: http://trilug.org/2011-05-12/ldap

Zero configuration networking allows machines on a network to publish 
their capabilities for others to use, without requiring an administrator 
to specifically list those services in a directory.

TriLUG member Jym Williams-Zavada will be taking a look at two zeroconf 
services, AirPrint and mDNS. Both of these technologies were introduced 
by Apple, and now they are gaining support on other platforms as well.

AirPrint allows you to publish the presence of a printer, and then allow 
devices to print to it. The quintessential use case is printing from an 
iPhone or iPad.

Similarly, mDNS publishes the presence of other services on a network. 
Perhaps you have a public shared drive where you store your music.

Jym will show us how to configure both of these services on a Linux machine.

Jym Williams-Zavada has been a member of TriLUG since he moved to NC 
from Syracuse, where he was active in SyrLUG. He served on the TriLUG 
steering committee last year. Jym currently works as a system 
administrator at Shodor in Durham.

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