[TriLUG-announce] May 19 - TriLUG Annual Spring Installfest

Bill Farrow bill.farrow at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 11:29:10 EDT 2012

Triangle Linux Users Group (TriLUG) Annual Spring Installfest

When:  May 19, 2012,  10:00am - 5:00pm

Where: Splat Space - Durham's Hackerspace
           331 W. Main St - Suite B02 (Basement)
           Durham, NC  27701

URL: http://trilug.org/2012-04-19/installfest

RSVP: http://www.meetup.com/splatspace/events/60573932/

Now is your chance to install that favorite Linux or UNIX distro you
always wanted on your computer.  At Installfest we will have workshops
to help you install Linux right, and tune it properly for your
intended purpose, including advice from professional sys-admins and
long-time experienced Linux and UNIX users.

We will be meeting at Splat*Space in Durham, from 10:00am to 5:00pm.
Go here for directions to Splat*Space: http://splatspace.org/location/

No prior experience is required to attend TriLUG Installfest and you
don't need to own the latest hardware. There are plenty of members who
will be glad to work with you and allow you ask questions.  You don't
need to be a member of TriLUG or Splat*Space in order to attend, but
please do ask about the membership options while you're there.  It's a
great group of folks and there's a good chance that you'll share
interests with many of the other members.

The hardest questions about Linux will be answered:

* What distro?
* What disk partitioning should I use?
* What desktop interface should I use?
* What do I do about file management & backups?
* What about servers and daemons?

Bring your own computer or computers or other devices and join us to
install that perfect system you've always wanted.  We will have the
latest popular distros available, or you can bring your own iso's.

Besides the usual categories of installations such as general, game
playing, entertainment, development workstation, home or small
business server, this year we will also be installing netbook, pad and
small devices and single-board computers and embedded systems and

Yes we will also be installing UNIX and Android systems.

Some effort will be made to mentor some application installations,
like office apps, development IDE's, web servers and so on.

Join us for fun, frolic, and Linux.

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