[TriLUG-announce] TriLUG December 13 meeting - holiday social @ Splat Space

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Mon Nov 19 22:13:15 EST 2012

Mark your calendars!  TriLUG's annual holiday social will be on December 13th (our normal meeting night) at Splat Space in Durham.  Splat Space is our local "hackerspace", a clubhouse for geeks.

Topic: Open Source Showcase and Holiday Social
Presenter: You!
When: Thursday, December 13, 7pm
Where: SplatSpace, 331 W. Main St., Durham, NC
Map: http://splatspace.org/location/


Like last year, LUG members will be showcasing open source stuff (hardware, software or data) that they find interesting.

Sign up for a show-n-tell, or sign up to bring some food, snacks, goodies or beverages (adult or otherwise).  You can also list ideas that you would like to see SOMEONE ELSE present.

The sign-up sheet is on the wiki:

    NOTE - To SEE the wiki page, you have to pass our "are you human" test.  You'll get an HTTP Authentication pop-up where you have to enter TRI in the username field and LUG in the password field.

    To EDIT the wiki page, you'll need to log in to this wiki... this is not your shell account password.  There's a link on the left to log in or create a new account.

In previous years, we've seen a wide variety of stuff in the showcase: music tools, 3D-printing, Arduino projects, BackupPC, a local distro mirror, pfSense, Rockbox, Bluetooth tools, ShairPort, networking tools.

Take a chance to geek out with the LUG, see what others are up to, and mingle a little, jingle a little.

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