[Trilug-ontopic] Impressions of Fedora 7?

jonc at nc.rr.com jonc at nc.rr.com
Sun Aug 19 12:04:37 EDT 2007


I don't imagine there is really a whole lot of difference between Ubuntu and Fedora at this point (outside of the various personalities that push each one). I *just* updated my main workstation last night and chose Fedora. I run CentOS on my servers and I'm really happy with that RedHat flavored distro... so I thought I would give Fedora a shot as well.

So far (12 hours later) I'm very happy with it. 

I haven't found any downsides. All my apps worked right out of the box. 

I did have to manually reload my plug-ins for FireFox - that was as simple as running two "yum install .." commands. My old box was about 5 years behind the times and those FireFox plug-ins were originally a *lot* more trouble to install/update than a simple yum install.

So kudos to the Fedora team. Nice install. Very good package support and update.

Jon (not missing Mandrake at all) Carnes

---- Matt Frye <mattfrye at gmail.com> wrote: 
> I'm about to rebuild a box for my personal use and I'm looking for
> technical impressions of Fedora 7.  Upsides/downsides compared to
> Ubuntu LTS or other Ubuntu releases?
> Matt Frye
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