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Sean Myers smyers at americanri.com
Fri Aug 24 10:35:55 EDT 2007

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Postfix would be my SMTPd of choice here, and it's got a fair set of
options to help you lock down your server.

They've actually got a very help documentation set on their website,
including a page devoted to tackling problems just like this one.
Configuration help is included, with the added bonus of "in English"
versions of what exactly your doing by setting your config values.


Hope this helps.

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Neil L. Little wrote:
> I have to setup an SMTP server who's sole purpose will be to relay email 
> from a (Cisco) Media Convergence Server to the outer world.
> I am wondering which would be the most efficient to use (setup, config, 
> secure from spammers turning it into a zombie and spreading porn to the 
> world).
> I have been exposed to Sendmail in the past and it was not a positive one.
> A spammer turned my server into a zombie, spreading porn spam to the world.
> The distribution is Ubuntu (edgy elf)
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