[Trilug-ontopic] Free text editor with good XML support?

Brian Henning Brian.Henning at datadirect.com
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If you're a KDE user, I highly recommend Kate.  Kate knows lots of languages to highlight, including XML and xslt.  Of course Kate may not have any really fancy IDE-like abilities, but it highlights really well. :-D






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Looks like the answer is no, but I'll second jedit being ugly.

On 8/25/07, Cristóbal Palmer <cristobalpalmer at gmail.com > wrote:

I'm looking at this:


and feeling guilty for even doing so. It's not Free in any way, shape
or form. The deal is that I've seen this editor in action, and if you
have to work with XML, it's pretty sweet. I've been using nxml-mode in 
emacs, and it's decent, but doesn't come anywhere close to, for


with the XML plugin. It will do word completion like OO.org does, 
shows you where your matching tag is intuitively... but in many ways
jedit is clunky and ugly. If nxml-mode just had the dynamic
highlighting to show matching tags and the tag completion...

I guess my question is: are people using something sweet and open 
source to edit XML? Lemme know...

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