[Trilug-ontopic] mailing list server filtering setup questions

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Thu Dec 27 17:23:26 EST 2007

 > Fools rush in .... I am perhaps overly ignorant and naive, but I believe
 > our ISP has developed a system whereby 'spam' (not sure how he defines
 > it) is returned to it source for it to be resent. But since spammers
 > don't have time for that sort of nonsense, it never comes back and the
 > original has been sent to the bit-bucket.

Since most spam contains forged headers, this only adds to the
problem by redirecting the spam to yet another unsuspecting

|To: innocent victim #1
|From: innocent victim #2
|Subject: spam

If you bounce it, the spam gets a second chance.

Most sources I've seen suggest dropping spam without a reply.



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