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Ricardo Sartorato sartorato at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 17:07:41 EDT 2008

Hi Scott,


                No. I live in central Brazil (Goiás State). The most near
beach is about 750 miles from here L.


                But if you want go to Brazil I can try to find a job! J


                Well, by the way, you know a good reference for sendmail
with ldap? 

                I used to configure postfix, but I´m studying for RHCE (and
Red Hat uses the sendmail in RHEL distro) then I want to study more about




Best Regards,

Ricardo Sartorato


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Hi and welcome.  Do you live near the beach?  Can you get us all jobs there?




On 8/28/08, Ricardo Sartorato <sartorato at gmail.com> wrote: 

Hi everyone.


I´m just sign-up the Trilug and I want to present me.


I´m from Raleigh but I live a very long time in Brazil.


I work as SA (for Linux and Windows servers) and coordinate a IT support


You always welcome to contact me anytime.


Best Regards,


Ricardo Sartorato
System Administrator

*sartorato at gmail.com
(+55 62 9137-3402


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