[Trilug-ontopic] Dictionary Extension How-To Question

Adam Azman chemdictionary at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 15:51:25 EST 2008

Hello, all,

I'm a 4th year grad student in Chemistry at UNC. Several months ago, I 
created an "open source" chemistry dictionary for word processors. I 
just finished a major upgrade to the dictionary and hosted it at 


The dictionary is compatible with OOo, but one of the commenters noted 
that my installation instructions are outdated. When I went live with 
the first version of the dictionary, dictionaries were not extensions 
for OpenOffice. The commenter indicated I should package an extension 
and publish it in the repository.

I have no idea how to do that. I downloaded the sample description.xml 
file and modified it. I think I did that right, but since I'm not fluent 
in OOo, I wasn't sure exactly what went where. I also made text files 
for the license text, release notes, and description.

I'd like to get the dictionary packaged and in the repository sometime 
soon... but I'm at the end of my ability. My first thought was to ask 
the Carolina Open Source Initiative.  They suggested I post my question 

Anyway, would anyone mind taking a look at my description.xml file 
(below) to see if I've done everything correctly there? Also, I don't 
know what to do from here. How do I package it as an *.oxt file? And how 
do I upload it to the repository? Any help from anyone would be much 

Thanks in advance for your help.


***description.xml file

<?xml version="2.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<description xmlns="http://openoffice.org/extensions/description/2006"
  <version value="2.0" />  
  <identifier value="com.chemistry-blog.www.azmanamchemistrydictionary" />
  <platform value="all" />
    <OpenOffice.org-minimal-version value="3.0" d:name="OpenOffice.org 
    <simple-license accept-by="user" suppress-on-update="true" >
      <license-text xlink:href="registration/license_en-US.txt" 
lang="en-US" />
    <name xlink:href="http://www.chemistry-blog.com"
    lang="en">Chemistry Blog</name>
lang="en" />
    <name lang="en">Chemistry Dictionary</name>
    <src xlink:href="description/desc_en.txt" lang="en" />
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