[Trilug-ontopic] CentOS/Fedora/RHEL? was: RHEL5 help..

Glenn Hennessee glenn.hennessee at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 12:57:38 EDT 2008

It's my understanding that Fedora is where RedHat tries out new 
technology that then makes, or doesn't make it, into future versions of 
RHEL. RHEL is supported, via licensing fees, by RedHat for 5 years after 
a release. CentOS is RHEL, from a different company/organization, but 
without support. You do get all the updates but from CentOS servers, not 
RedHat servers. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on any of 
this ;-)

Tom Roche wrote:
> Cristóbal Palmer Tue Jun 3 09:45:58 EDT 2008
>  > If you don't want to pay for [an RHEL] license, then you should
>  > really be using CentOS.
> BTW: what's the difference between CentOS, Fedora, and RHEL? I don't
> quite understand the partitioning, except that I understand (possibly
> incorrectly) that the latter is licensed/supported and the former are
> not. Also, why the coyness @
> http://www.centos.org/
>  > CentOS is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from
>  > sources freely provided to the public by a prominent North American
>  > Enterprise Linux vendor.
> ? It's Red Hat, right?
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