[Trilug-ontopic] Process priority

Jeremy Portzer jeremyp at pobox.com
Thu May 8 00:59:48 EDT 2008

Jason Watts wrote:
> Dave, as much as I wouldent mind playing with that... I dont believe my 
> uppers will go for changing this... one of those... "I have been doing 
> this for 20 years... i know everyting and like the way things are".
> I guess im just stuck with my io bottleneck... but thanks for the 
> knowledge that you could actually change that. 

You should test this sort of thing in a test environment and see what it 
does.  Sure, appropriate caution is required before implementing 
something in a mission-critical production environment, but that wasn't 
suggested here.  You shouldn't just rule something out because you think 
some manager won't approve it.  Give it a try in a non-threatening area 
- a test or staging server - and demonstrate its usefulness - you and 
they may be surprised!


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