[Trilug-ontopic] Dual Boot Laptop - Tinker or Re-install

Michael Rulison 13miketele at bellsouth.net
Wed Oct 29 14:59:19 EDT 2008

I have a dual boot laptop Dell Inspirion E 1505, put in service in Aug 2007.

Partition 1   Win XP Pro, SP2 or 3, plus various office suites, misc. 
utils. etc. email=Tbird; browser=Firefox
Partition 2   Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron, most recent update xxxx.21 or 
something like that plus Open Office, etc, etc. email=evolution; 
Second machine is a desktop with Win XP Pro, SP2 or 3, and software 
similar to above, plus lots else. email=Tbird; browser=Firefox.

{I would like to work with evolution on all three setups because of the 
event/task capabilities of evolution.]

Desktop reaches internet through router then DSL modem -- fine
Both partitions of laptop operate standalone, internally, satisfactorily.

Laptop WinXP does not find  DHCP ends up with IP of 169...... and is 
useless for internet access --- although it did so both wired and 
internal wireless card in the past.

Laptop Ubuntu has IP of 192.168...... and reaches internet fine with 
wired but fails with wireless internal card or with USB plugin Netgear 
WG111v2. This also did work with wireless at one time (ubuntu 7.10  or 

*So, big policy decision:*

Tinker with what I've got (and I've done lots of that in both partitions 
and not succeeded)  or
Scrap one or both partitions and do a bare bones reinstall of the OS for 
each scrapped partition?

If advice is to scrap, I will, of course, backup files of MY data again.
Need I backup any of the respective OS files?

Thanks for whatever interesting advice you may have.

Michael Rulison  |  |  919/782-9576
better to be approximately right than exactly wrong

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