[Trilug-ontopic] Linux/Perl/Expect question

Justis Peters jtrilug at indythinker.com
Wed Oct 29 22:13:44 EDT 2008

So, this isn't exactly in the spirit of a "validated system", but could
you download the modules every time you need to use them? If you did
this, I would urge you to digitally sign your own copies and store them
on a server you control, rather than trusting a fresh copy from the
internet every time.

Best of luck.

Kind regards,
Justis Peters

Greg Brown wrote:
> It's more like a gestapo... after all, it's "A Validated System"
> (angelic "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" heard in background)
> But if push came to shove... maybe.
> On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:23 PM, Greg Cox <glcox at pobox.com
> <mailto:glcox at pobox.com>> wrote:
>     > As best I can tell it's not there and I can't install it. :(
>     You say you can't install.  Can you do something like:
>     use File::Basename;
>     use lib dirname($0).'/lib';
>     and install modules in (scriptdir)/lib, or are you totally hamstrung
>     by some idiotastic module gestapo?
>     Not that I have a Real Solution(tm), but I'm thinking there's probably
>     things you could try if you had some options like this.
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