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Since you are posting to a Linux Users Group I doubt that you are surprised when I suggest dropping Windows. If you *really* need it there is always VirtualBox among others... OS files need not be backed up unless you have customized or will require to restore them.
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| Subject: [Trilug-ontopic]  Dual Boot Laptop - Tinker or Re-install
| I have a dual boot laptop Dell Inspirion E 1505, put in service in Aug
| 2007.
| Partition 1   Win XP Pro, SP2 or 3, plus various office suites, misc.
| utils. etc. email=Tbird; browser=Firefox
| Partition 2   Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron, most recent update xxxx.21 or
| something like that plus Open Office, etc, etc. email=evolution; 
| browser=Firefox
| Second machine is a desktop with Win XP Pro, SP2 or 3, and software 
| similar to above, plus lots else. email=Tbird; browser=Firefox.
| {I would like to work with evolution on all three setups because of
| the 
| event/task capabilities of evolution.]
| Desktop reaches internet through router then DSL modem -- fine
| Both partitions of laptop operate standalone, internally,
| satisfactorily.
| Laptop WinXP does not find  DHCP ends up with IP of 169...... and is 
| useless for internet access --- although it did so both wired and 
| internal wireless card in the past.
| Laptop Ubuntu has IP of 192.168...... and reaches internet fine with 
| wired but fails with wireless internal card or with USB plugin Netgear
| WG111v2. This also did work with wireless at one time (ubuntu 7.10  or
| other).
| *So, big policy decision:*
| Tinker with what I've got (and I've done lots of that in both
| partitions 
| and not succeeded)  or
| Scrap one or both partitions and do a bare bones reinstall of the OS
| for 
| each scrapped partition?
| If advice is to scrap, I will, of course, backup files of MY data
| again.
| Need I backup any of the respective OS files?
| Thanks for whatever interesting advice you may have.
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